Speak Out will be at Disability Pride Brighton. Speak Out is a wonderful independent advocacy charity in Brighton and Hove and has been operating since 1994. The charity now supports over 250 people with learning disabilities to make sure that they can speak up and take action on things which matter to them and, crucially, Speak Out help with issues such as severe isolation, poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.

We had our first ever Disability Pride Brighton meeting at their offices back in August 2016 and the lovely Dawn Thorpe (second left) has given us lots of support. If you would like to know more about them or, indeed, find out about becoming a volunteer, check out their website.


Bring your dog to work day

If you are a dog lover, you probably already know that today is a day of GREAT national importance!

Our four-legged friends have been waiting for this day for a whole year so we couldn’t miss them out. Puddin (Claire, our Treasurer’s Puli) chaired our meeting today and then Ben, our Irish Wolfhound, supervised James (Vice Chair) and I on a site visit to New Road.

And yes, before anyone says it, Ben IS nearly as tall as me – and he is not fully grown yet. 🙂

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Naomi McAdam

Naomi McAdam (Nu) is our secretary and she managed to meet Jeremy Corbyn today. She said she talked to him about Disability Pride Brighton but the atmosphere was so loud and celebratory that she is not sure he heard her. As we have two Labour MPs in Brighton & Hove and he IS their boss, I have previously invited Jezza to our event on 9th July but I suspect he might be a tad busy at the moment! 🙂

Here is our Nu in The Argus.

Naomi McAdam (Nu) is our secretary and she managed to meet Jeremy Corbyn today. She said she talked to him about…

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This is Sam Taylor, our poster boy!

This is Sam Taylor, our poster boy! He is one of our committee members and, as well as attending our three hour committee meeting today, he also cycled 10km in 30 minutes on a static cycle. Sam has been in training for a big day tomorrow, when he will cycle 21km for a half marathon static cycle in Pavilion Gardens at 1.30pm to raise funds for No Holds Barred – a circus skills group run by and for people with disabilities. Please see Sam’s story here. Good luck, Sam!


Happy Summer Solstice, everyone.

Today is the longest day of the year when the UK gets 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight. Please feel sorry for the Disability Pride Brighton committee because, instead of enjoying the sunshine outside, we are having a three-hour meeting indoors this afternoon. Mind you, the sun doesn’t set until 9.31pm so we will still have a bit of the day left.


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Lunch Positive will be providing a community food stall at this year’s Disability Pride Brighton. Every penny raised from food and drink will go directly to charity!

Lunch Positive is a local charity who provide a weekly lunch club for people with and affected by HIV.

The food stall at Disability Pride will be staffed by volunteers and sell a range of freshly home-made vegetarian and vegan food, including falafel and dips, tasty bruschetta, ratatouille and pasta, lovely cakes, tea and coffee, and water.

All funds raised will help support people with HIV. What a worthy cause!

Please come along and get your food from the Lunch Positive stall.

For more information on the wonderful people at Lunch Positive, please visit and

Stay Up Late

Stay Up Late is a fabulous charity who will be celebrating with us on the day. They were set up to ensure that people with learning disabilities and autism can have a full social life and ‘stay up late’ – something that many people take for granted. Please check out their website to find out more about Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies.

PS They will be be bringing their VW Camper, a chill out zone and… how could you possibly miss out on seeing the extra special Binyonce? 🙂


Disability Pride Philadelphia

One of our committee members, Jasia, has just returned from helping her father run Disability Pride Philadelphia. Such is her commitment to Disability Pride Brighton that she came straight off her flight this morning to our site meeting, complete with suitcase and jet lag! Jasia said that it rained heavily for much of the day on Saturday (the day of the event) but, despite this, it was a great success and many people stayed right to the end.

I have checked out the long term weather forecast today for 9th July in Brighton and… ssshhh… so far… there is no mention of rain.

Fingers crossed!

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Brighton & Hove Buses

Brighton & Hove Buses have been incredibly supportive of Disability Pride Brighton and have advertised the event for free on all their buses, as well as giving us lots of other support.

To enable passengers with disabilities to celebrate with us, they are offering free bus travel to companions of Disabled Concessionary Card Holders.

Please see this link for full details.