#DisabilityPrideBrighton As can be seen from the report below, isolation…


As can be seen from the report below, isolation and loneliness are often issues for disabled people and that is one of the reasons for holding Disability Pride Brighton. Lots of people said that yesterday's event gave them a feeling of belonging and solidarity.

Two poignant things stood out for me about loneliness yesterday. One was a sign on the back of a wheelchair saying. 'Relieved to be here, to be able experience this, to know that I am not alone' and the other was a comment in our message book which said, 'Thank you so much for organising today. I've never seen so many disabled people in one place and for once haven't felt anyone staring at me. Can't wait for next year.'

Sam Taylor, one of our committee members who has cerebral palsy and is a full time wheelchair user, has set up a new online forum for disabled people - Disability Community Forum. Why not join Sam?

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